Job opportunities:

  1. There are no call open at the moment but we always seek outstanding candidates from a variety of backgrounds. We encourage interested applicants to contact us directly.

News and events:

  1. The FuRI Lab was present with two presentations at the Applied Urban Modelling (AUM2022) Conference “Understanding Common Challenges” at the University of Cambridge on July 1st 2022.
  2. On February the 8th, 2022 Dr. Martani, together with Concepcion Toribio (CEMOSA), gave an online presentation entitled "Measuring the Resilience of, and prioritizing Interventions for, Road Transport Systems using Expert Opinion" at the XVI World Winter Service and Road Resilience Congress (PIARC2022). In Calgary, Canada.
  3. On January the 1st, 2022 Dr. Martani has been appointed Assistant Professor at the Purdue School of Construction Management Technology                          
  4. On January the 1st, 2022 Dr. Martani has been appointed Member of the Editorial Board of the ICE Journal of Infrastructure Asset Management (ISSN 2053-0242 | E-ISSN 2053-0250)
  5. On November the 26th, Dr. Martani gave a virtual presentation at the "Rising Stars Workshop" entitled "International Scientific Highlights in Railway Operations, Railway Infrastructure and Mobility".at the Technical University in Dresden.
  6. On November the 17th, 2021 The CEN – Workshop Agreement (CWA) “Guidelines for the assessment of resilience of transport infrastructure to potentially disruptive events”  (CWA 17819) was made publicly available.  The document is the result of the conversion deliverables D1.1 and D1.2 of the FORESEE project into an official CEN document.                             
  7. On June the 3rd 2020, Dr. Martani was awarded the the Infrastructure Asset Management Prize (Journal Prize for best paper in journal)  for co-authoring the article Adey et al., 2019.