Cloud-native, Cyberinfrastructure and Networks (CYAN) Lab

Purdue’s Cloud-native, Cyberinfrastructure and Networks Laboratory (CYAN Lab) investigates a broad range of research problems in network systems, including software-defined and programmable networks, network virtualization, and cloud-native infrastructure. The CYAN Lab focuses on fundamental and applied research in computer networks and cloud-native infrastructure. Our experimental design, implementation, and evaluation of networked systems enable the developing of novel applications and communication ecosystems.

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CYAN Lab Research Focus:

  • Cloud-native Infrastructure: Developing Edge/Cloud synergies for cloud-native networks with applications to 5G networks, multi-access edge and data-intensive science.

  • AI/ML for Softwarized Networks: Approaches to combine application-awareness with machine learning and big data analytics for resource management in SDN-based cyberinfrastructures.

  • Software-Defined Cybersecurity: Solutions for securing data-intensive networks using flexible, composable and virtualized network security architectures and frameworks.

  • Software-Defined Networking (SDN): Research focusing on Application-aware SDN for network management, monitoring and differentiated network services in data-intensive networks.

  • Programmable Data Planes: Exploring programmable networks and data planes for in-network computing, policy enforcement and optimized traffic processing.

Facility Location Faculty Contact
Knoy 210 Deepak Nadig