University of state of Sao Paulo (UNESP)

Prof. Athula Kulatunga (Purdue University - US), Prof. Subhes Bahattacahryya (De Montfort University -UK), and Prof. Dionizio received one of the ten Global Innovation Initiatives projects funded by the Institute for International Education (IIE) of the US Department of State.  This initiative forms a three country consortium called Consortium for Rapid Smart Grid Impact to deliver the benefits of smart grid concepts regardless of economic status of the societies around the world. Other participating researches from UNESP include:

Prof. Daniel Sampaio - Guratingueta Campus

Prof. Agnelo Casula - Guratingueta Campus

Prof. Daniela Wolter - Guratingueta Campus

Prof. Louis Orega - Ilha Solteira Campus

Prof. Julio Borges de Souza - Ilha Solteira campus

Prof. Pedro da Costa - Bauru Campus