SMIL leads smart grid related education through

  • Demonstrating of smart grid technologies for public and k-12 students
  • Hosting summer energy camps
  • Developing applied research tools for graduate students
  • Involving graduate and undergraduate students in prototype development
  • Offering short courses for IEEE PES members
  • Hosting  international research scholars
  • Developing hands on lab activities for undergraduate courses in power engineering


Simulators for Learning

  • RESY-NES real-time power grid simulator for power flow analysis and operational engineer training
  • 900 MHZ Advanced Meter Infrastructure (AMI) with custom build smart meters fro AMI communication, security, and operational learning
  • Hardware in loop simulations
  • Consumer response simulations
  • Renewable energy integration simulation
  • Micro-grid simulation with AMI


Courses supported by SMIL in Smart Environment path 


  • ECET 27300 Modern Energy Systems
  • ECET 43600 Electrical Power Transmission, Distribution, and Smart Controls
  • ECET53500 Energy Management
  • ECET55500 Smart Grid Distribution Controls, protection & AMI Innovations (new)
  • ECET59000 Smart Grid Feedback Study Design