Current Projects

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Current Projects


"E-Flex" Adaptive Hybrid Work Instructions- Phase II

  • Hybrid paper and digital work instructions, allowing for rapid data visualization
  • QR 2D barcode technology to provide easy access to digital work instructions or checklists via personal electronic devices
  • Augmented Reality overlays for enhanced on-demand training and amplifying instructions at the point of maintenance or assembly 

QR CodeCurrent Projects

Aircraft Systems 2D-QR checklist access, and student utilizing Augmented Reality technical work instructions. 







Visual Electronic Cumulative Threat & Ops. Risk - "VECTOR" Assessment Tool

  • Real time safety/risk intelligence data and visualization displayed at the point of operation
  • Dynamic FMEA/5x5 task-based risk condition monitoring



FMEA Scale


Auto ID Smart Cart

Testing blended system of RFID, NFC, and QR code embedded technologies to identify, track and display air vehicle parts and inventory













E-Tech - Wearable Data Suit

  • Self contained e-enabled vest holding portable, networked micro PC components
  • Components being tested include wrist screen keyboard/mouse, low-end heads-up-display (HUD) incorporating approved safety eyewear, Raspberry Pi micro computer, shoulder mounted Pico-projection