Research Programs

Research Partners 

- Atterbury-Muscatatuck Training Center 

- Crane Naval Surface Warfare Center

- Department of Homeland Security

- Indiana Department of Education

- Indiana Department of Homeland Security

- Indiana National Guard 

- Indiana State Department of Health

- Indiana State Police

Conference and News Coverages 

2022 Indiana Election Training: MicroVote Voting Machine Setup and Operation

2017 AnyLogic Conference - Risk Mitigation in Active Shooter Scenarios

2016 WMSCI - Purdue Homeland Security Institute Research

2015 WLFI - Purdue Homeland Security Institute looks at active shooter situations

Purdue Military Research Initiative (PMRI)


No-Cost Graduate Program

  • The program offers no-cost graduate educations (does not include books) for up to 10 active duty officers annually across the Army, Marines, Navy and Air Force (30 total over 3 years). 
  • Officers must attend in-residence programs and be returning to active duty upon degree completion. 
  • The focus is for PhD candidates, but MS applications will be considered.  Selected officers will be matched with a Purdue faculty member as a research advisor and mentor, and funding will be provided as follows:  for PhD candidates, funding for up to 3 years and MS candidates up to 2 years (note, the Services may further restrict these timelines). 
  • Where possible, officers will be admitted into existing DoD research programs, but we will consider specific service needs and requirements into any Purdue graduate school where we have faculty support (please note we cannot currently accommodate fee free entry into Purdue’s professional graduate degrees or the Krannert MBA programs).

Cadet/Midshipmen Introduction to Research Program

  • Using Purdue’s established Summer Undergraduate Research Program (SURF), bring academy and Purdue cadets/midshipmen for a shortened program that introduces them to the Purdue graduate school and on-going Purdue research.  Students will have a faculty mentor and participate in hands-on research during their stay.

Faculty Exchange Program

  • Program aimed at increasing our understanding of each other’s roles and responsibilities, strengthen our partnership, and facilitate building trust and commitment.