Faculty-to-Student Mentorship Program

Available for second-year Polytechnic students
enrolled at the West Lafayette campus only.

The deadline to sign up was August 1, 2019.
You may still be able to enter the program by emailing Mr. Tom Frooninckx, tfroonin@purdue.edu, Knoy Hall Room 457.

What is mentoring?

Mentoring often means different things to different people, so it’s important to clearly define what our program encompasses. Purdue Polytechnic faculty mentors will focus on providing you with professional guidance and assistance while also cultivating self-confidence and self-improvement. Mentoring will normally include listening, encouraging, goal setting, career advising, role modeling, networking and reflecting. Mentors will also ensure you are aware of University resources and campus opportunities, and they may offer advocacy for you.

Is mentoring the same as tutoring, advising or counseling?

No. For our program, mentoring does not include tutoring, academic advising, or personal counseling because those services are already available to Purdue students. However, your mentor can provide advice in these areas, and if you need tutoring, additional academic advising, or counseling, your mentor will help you receive those services from the appropriate college or university resources.

Why is this something I should consider?

Research at Purdue and nationwide shows that college students who have supportive professional relationships, such as with a faculty mentor, are far more likely to be successful both in school and after graduation. In a recent survey, many Polytechnic students reported they did not have any effective mentorship relationships. The college recognizes the importance of mentorship and is offering you a faculty mentor to help fill the void.

If I decide to participate, who will be my mentor?

Your mentor will be a faculty member who has volunteered to serve as a mentor and who has received training on how best to serve in this role. It will be your choice whether your mentor is a faculty member from your academic department/school or from a different department/school within our college. And, if you wish, you can request a preference, such as gender.

How will the program work?

Once you decide you’d like to participate, we’ll send you additional information about mentorship and inform you of who your faculty mentor will be. Starting in the Fall 2019 semester, you will be contacted by your mentor to schedule your first one-on-one meeting. You can expect to have a couple of one-on-one meetings with your mentor as well as a couple of group meetings with your mentor and others students in the program. Your mentorship relationship will grow over time and, if you wish, may continue into subsequent semesters. Throughout the process, the college’s program coordinator will stay in contact with you to ensure the program is working effectively for you.

What if I start this program and then realize it’s not effective or don’t wish to participate any longer?

You can simply inform your mentor that you are no longer participating in the program. Or, if you wish to continue the program but be assigned a different mentor, you can let the college’s program coordinator know that you would like a new mentor assigned to you.

How do I sign up?

If you would like to participate in the faculty-to-student mentorship program beginning Fall 2019, select the Sign Me Up button.

If you need more information before you decide, select the I Have a Question button.