Dean’s Graduate Student Travel Grant Program

The purpose of this program is to promote and support scholarship and participation in national and international academic venues by providing a portion of the travel costs to those who will have an active role presenting papers or serving as officials at recognized meetings.

Funding of up to $300 per student for domestic travel, and $600 per student for international travel, that is matched equally by the student’s department, per fiscal year (July 1 – May 31), may be awarded to reimburse students for airfare and/or lodging expenses incurred. Purdue Polytechnic Institute Graduate Student Travel Grant funds are only available to graduate students who have authored or co-authored an accepted paper that will be presented at the conference, or will serve as an officer for a conference or meeting. Students must have academic sponsor/advisor approval to be considered and Departmental matching financial support of student applications is required. Examples of non-eligible travel: travel to a meeting to attend only; travel to meetings convened to discuss research programs; study abroad. Responsibility for passport and/or visa rests with the student. Proof of acceptance/participation from conference organizers and prior to final approval of the award is required. Students are encouraged to apply early in the fiscal year, as awards are limited. These are awarded on a first-come, first-served basis and students can only be awarded one per academic year. In order to be eligible to apply, you must be currently enrolled in a graduate program in the Purdue Polytechnic. Efforts will be made to equitably distribute the grants across departments, but final awards will depend upon the applications received. Applications are accepted at any time.

Steps 1 - 3 must be completed at least one month prior to travel.
1. Complete the Application Form below.
2. Submit the completed Application Form and a hard copy of the national or international conference acceptance letter to the Purdue Polytechnic Office of Graduate Studies, Knoy 467.
3. Upon receiving an award letter, submit a Travel Request through the Concur Travel System if employed by the University. If NOT employed by the University, complete a Payee Certification Form, complete with signatures from your Department Head and submit to the Purdue Polytechnic Business Office, Knoy 459.
4. After returning from travel, submit an Expense Report through the Concur Travel System if employed by the University, or if NOT employed by the University, use a Direct Invoice Voucher, Form 56, for reimbursement. The reimbursement form must have all original receipts attached and be approved by your Department Head. Submit the form and attachments to the Purdue Polytechnic Business Office, Knoy 459.

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