Leadership Academy

Purdue Polytechnic Leadership Academy

The Purdue Polytechnic Leadership Academy (PPLA) was created with the ultimate goal of identifying and nurturing future generations of leaders in STEM fields. PPLA helps Polytechnic students gain 21st century leadership competencies critical for job success and career readiness. These competencies include deeper learning, analytical reasoning, effective communication, critical thinking, managing complexity, collaborative work, self-directed learning, cultural awareness, and innovation.

Leadership competencies increase the breadth of application for technical education by increasing the learner’s ability to apply acquired knowledge across a greater variety of situations. The Academy works with students to increase these competencies with the culminating experience of developing an ePortfolio reflecting on their levels of competencies and identifying artifacts that best represent each leadership competency. Through collaboration with industry (both CareerScribe and Pedagog) PPLA will help Polytechnic students refine and strengthen their leadership competencies as they prepare for their future careers.