AITP wins 17 awards at national conference

The 2015 AITP team at National Collegiate Conference, with their awards.

Members of the Purdue chapter of the Association of Information Technology Professionals (AITP) won several awards at the 2015 National Collegiate Conference in Omaha March 26-29.

Kirtana Venkatraman and Abhishek Balaji took first place in Business Analytics. Awards include:

  • Business Analytics (26 teams)
    • First place: Abhishek Balaji and Kirtana Venkatraman
  • PC Troubleshooting (153 contestants):
    • First place: Tyler Watterson
    • Honorable Mention: Andy Gustafson
  • Ruby on Rails RPG (16 teams)
    • First place: Ben Mollet, Anthony Natoli
  • Security Scenarios (70 contestants)
    • First place: Noah Stampfli
  • Java Developer contest (27 teams)
    • Second place: Ben Mollet and Anthony Natoli
    • Third place: Miranda Lung
  • Database Design (71 teams)
    • Second place: Miranda Lung, Sean Myers
  • Systems Analysis and Design (45 teams)
    • Second place: Sean Myers and James Staley
    • Honorable mention: Kiril Spasovski and Abhishek Balaji; Nicholas Brady and Stephen Claypool; Ryan Green and Iris Medina; and Ryan Rumble and Cameron Fevig.
  • Mobile Application Development
    • Third place: Dan Golant and Kimberly Barnes
  • Code-a-thon
    • Honorable mention: Ben Mollet and Anthony Natoli
  • Network Design
    • Honorable mention: Chris Fox and Everett Kennedy; Grant Miller and Noah Stampfli

Forty-six students from the College of Technology attended the conference along with advisors Dawn Laux and Phillip Rawles, both professors in the Department of Computer and Information Technology.

In addition to the competition awards, the Purdue University AITP chapter was named this year’s Top Monkey Award winner for the highest level of overall conference support.

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