Alumni needed for new Technology video

The College of Technology is collecting video from our alumni across the world to be featured in our upcoming video series highlighting “This is who we are!”

If you are interested in helping with the project, follow the directions below and submit your completed video via Dropbox.


  • Record video horizontally: For our editing purposes, we will only be able to use videos that are recorded in landscape mode or holding device horizontal.
  • Your setting helps tell your story! You can incorporate your work or workplace! Be creative.
  • Start the video by stating:

    • Name
    • Hometown
    • Graduation year
    • Your major (full name, not the acronym)
    • Your current position and employer.
  • Begin your conversation with us. Finish these sentences (and expand on them, if you wish).

    • The college of technology prepared me for my career by _______________________.
    • I chose the College of Technology because________________________________________.
    • My favorite memory of being a student in the College of Technology was_________.
    • In my current position, I ___________________________________.
    • Boiler _______!
    • Hail __________!
  • Submit Video: Please share your video with us via Dropbox ( You will need an account, which is free. Share your uploaded video, via the Dropbox interface, with

We will be accepting videos through December 15, 2014.