Class of 2011: What now for Brittany Crum?

Brittany Crum, Frankfort, Ind.

Job: Electrical Engineer Level One for Kimberly Clark in Paris, Texas


  • Bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering technology
  • Certificate in organizational leadership and supervision

Job duties: I will be working on the electrical components of manufacturing equipment. I will also be trouble shooting problems and implementing new designs.

Purdue classes that helped prepare Brittany for her job: All of my classes have helped me develop good trouble shooting skills and learn how to properly solve problems.

Other ways the College of Technology and/or Purdue provided preparation and assistance: One thing that really helped me with preparation for the future was being president of Women in Technology. This position helped me with organizational skills, communication, and learning how to become a successful leader. I was lucky enough to be surrounded by great people that helped with this process. Overall, the thing that helped me the most was just being an active student in the College of Technology and taking advantage of every opportunity. At Purdue, there are plenty of opportunities.

Thanks go to:

  • Toni Munguia, Gail Farnsley, and Susan Manahan are three women within the college who really helped and supported me through the past four years of college. They were my support group and always had words of encouragement. In stressful times, they knew how to calm me down and took me in like family.
  • Professor Jeffrey Richardson and Professor James Jacob are two people within my department that always pushed me to do my best. They have great passion for what they do, which gave me a drive to learn more. Professor Richardson presented me with some great opportunities within the college like Darwin21 and the evGrandPrix — two events that I would never have had the chance to do otherwise.
  • The last people I would like to thank are my family. Through thick and thin, they have always been their cheering me on and helping me deal with difficult situations. Their support helped me continue through when I did not think I had it in me. Words cannot explain enough how grateful I am to have them here for me.