College joins national effort to increase number of women in technology, computing

Purdue’s College of Technology has joined NCWIT Pacesetters, a fast-track program that seeks to radically increase the number of women in technology and computing.

Alka Harriger and Dawn Laux, both professors in the Department of Computer and Information Technology, serve as the change agents for the initiative. Working with Toni Munguia, director of diversity programs, and with support from Dean Gary Bertoline, they have set a goal of increasing the number of undergraduate women in the college's two computing departments by nearly 70 students to reach 25 percent.

To reach the goal of 45 percent women in the graduate program, these two departments plan to add six more students.

The new cohort of NCWIT Pacesetters kicks off its two-year commitment with a meeting at the University of California at Santa Cruz February 25, 2013. The 2013 Pacesetters cohort of 20 universities and 14 companies was announced Feb. 19.

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