CoT external funding for October 2011

For the month of October 2011, the College of Technology received external funding that totaled $182,751. Faculty who received funding (all are principal investigators unless otherwise noted) were:

  • Gary Bertoline, dean; and co-PIs Robert Herrick, Electrical and Computer Engineering Technology; and Michael Dyrenfurth and Kathy Newton, Technology Leadership & Innovation; Dual MS Degrees focused on Technology, Innovation & Sustainability - Amend 2, U.S. Department of Education, $141,448
  • Melissa Dark, associate dean for research, co-PI, Purdue Innovation Network:  Linking Resources to Leverage Innovation, Economic Development Administration, $11,302
  • Nathan Hartman, Computer Graphics Technology, Maintenance and Extension of the Purdue Product Lifecycle Management Certificate Program, The Boeing Company, $30,000