CoT Research Hub ready for visitors

Knoy 366A is the college's new Research Hub, offering several resources for faculty working on research, both for research publications and sponsored research proposals. Edie Schmidt, interim associate dean for research, and three part-time staff members have been working to create a welcoming space where collaboration and curiosity are encouraged. Yogurt, pretzels, almonds and crackers are available as well as teas and coffee.

The space will include information about funding opportunities, potential collaborators within the college, and other research related announcements. Schmidt is also planning times for workshops and for faculty to discuss their own grant experiences with others.

"We're trying to make the grant proposal process more user-friendly," Schmidt said.

The staff members include Tatiana Goris, a postdoctoral researcher; Nate Bench, a graduate student in computer graphics technology; and Kim Deranek, a doctoral student in the Department of Technology Leadership & Innovation.

Deranek has been working closely with the Office of the Vice President for Research to coordinate workshop schedules and collect information about the University's sponsored research protocol.

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