From the Dean

Return to "Defining Moments" main page. Computer programming pioneer Grace Hopper understood the delicate balance between people and technology. "A human must turn information into intelligence or knowledge. We've tended to forget that no computer will ever ask a new question," she said. Grace Hopper was right – it is the human touch that makes technology successful. Computers don’t have ideas; people do. At a time when we’re told there’s an app for just about anything, we must remember that people are creating these useful innovations. People – both developers and users – make technologies useful. As educators of the next generation of technologists, we help students ask the right questions and use the best data. Then we help them apply their findings to real-world challenges. These challenges become defining moments throughout their time at Purdue. The College of Technology can also identify many defining moments from the past year – new programs, new discoveries, new partnerships and more. Unfortunately we can’t list them all. But we have chosen a few moments to highlight that illustrate how we continue to improve and adapt to constant change. These developments occurred under the watch of my predecessor, Dennis Depew. And while this Year-in-Review celebrates some great things that occurred before I became dean, it also serves as a launching pad for my tenure. I embrace these defining moments as shining examples of what is possible when great people use technology and ingenuity to achieve results. They are also examples of what is possible when committed individuals and corporations like you believe in our mission enough to offer financial support. Thank you for moving us forward this past year, and I look forward to continuing our partnership as the College of Technology moves from good to great. Hail Purdue! Gary R. Bertoline Dean of the College of Technology