Degree+ allows Polytechnic students to earn bachelor's degrees in science, art simultaneously


A new program introduced today will allow students to complete two bachelor’s degrees without extending their time to graduate.

Degree+ allows students to complete a bachelor’s degree in their chosen major while also adding a degree from the College of Liberal Arts to their plans of study. Students who choose a major in the Purdue Polytechnic Institute, for example, will earn two Purdue University degrees: a bachelor of science and a bachelor of arts.

A Polytechnic student might combine a degree in aviation with one in political science to learn about policy implications for that heavily regulated industry. Or a student in game development and design might add a degree in creative writing, learning to craft story narratives for a game while also building its technical elements.

“Purdue Polytechnic students can benefit from liberal arts studies as a way to improve the critical thinking, creativity and logic skills that will aid their success in an ever-changing technology landscape,” said Gary Bertoline, dean of Purdue Polytechnic. “I look forward to discovering what our students accomplish with this newest opportunity to enhance their technology education and earn a second degree in the new Degree+ program.”

The new program from the College of Liberal Arts is open to students in any academic college on Purdue’s West Lafayette campus. Students interested in the new program should meet with their academic advisors to discuss the option of adding a second degree under Degree+.

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