EnerDel expands research partnership with College of Technology

Indiana-based EnerDel Inc., a leading manufacturer of advanced lithium-ion batteries and energy storage systems, is expanding its relationship with Purdue University’s College of Technology with a gift of lithium-ion battery technology, research data and technical expertise to train students in the latest energy storage technologies for electric vehicles and the electric grid.

EnerDel is working with several students in the Department of Computer and Information Technology (CIT) and Eric Dietz, professor of computer and information technology. The lithium-ion cells and research data are valued at more than $263,000.

“Working side by side with EnerDel employees, Purdue students have learned practical understanding and application of the latest battery and energy storage technologies, far outside the classroom,” Dietz said.

David Roberts, EnerDel CEO, says Purdue’s program is a great resource for students.

“We’re pleased to be able to support the program with actual data, products and technology to help students gain real-world experience and make them even more valuable to future employers,” he said.

EnerDel engineers and Purdue graduate students work together to analyze and interpret key battery data, which could provide significant insight into enhancing energy output and duration for electric vehicles and power generation.

This technology is increasingly being used in medium-to-large energy storage solutions for emergency power back-up systems in commercial, community and residential applications.

In 2010, Purdue, in partnership with Ivy Tech Community College, received a $4.7 million grant from the U.S. Department of Energy to develop an education and training program designed to minimize the education-workforce gap in the electric energy sector.

“Energy storage from lithium-ion batteries combined with the research data leverage the power of the two institutions working together to train the best and brightest for Indiana,” Dietz said.

He views partnerships with EnerDel and others in industry as keys to providing Purdue students with the best educational opportunities to prepare them as future industry leaders.

About EnerDel

EnerDel, a privately held company based in Indianapolis, manufactures advanced, lithium-ion battery systems for energy storage, transportation and industrial applications. The company’s multiple chemistries, prismatic design, and modular stacking architecture combine to provide customers with production-ready solutions that address their power and energy storage needs.

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