IMPACT helped professor focus on educational objectives

Joe Orcyzk, associate professor of construction management

Before becoming a professor, Joe Orczyk spent 10 years in the construction industry, where the emphasis was less about talking and more about doing.

So why, the associate professor of building construction management wonders now, did he spend so much time in front of his students simply lecturing?

Interested in moving away from lectures and finding new ways to engage students, Orczyk applied to Purdue’s IMPACT program, a University-wide initiative in which faculty redesign foundational courses around active, participatory student-centered teaching and learning.

"I'd always had some sort of active learning in my classes," says Orczyk, who has taught at Purdue for more than 30 years, "and I could see students learned better when they were engaged, which is why I was drawn to the IMPACT philosophy."

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