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Purdue Indy spotlights student in themed entertainment design, a new major for the university

“My professors say that you can’t create exhibits without first experiencing them yourself,” said Carys George, a student at Purdue Indy who majors in themed entertainment design. This is a brand-new major for Purdue that brings theme parks and experiential entertainment into the fold of Polytechnic curriculum.

Guitar lab student forges his own path with Polytechnic curriculum

Purdue Polytechnic's "guitar lab" remains one of Purdue's most popular courses. Gryphon Mawhorter’s lifelong passion for building guitars caught the attention of Mark French, who teaches the course. French appointed Mawhorter, a junior in audio engineering technology, to lab supervisor — and Mawhorter is now charting his own unique path in the Polytechnic.

Bechtel streamlines manufacturing processes with digital library

Knowing the types of machines available at Bechtel Innovation Design Center and being familiar with how they work is fundamental to Purdue students’ projects; however, becoming an expert in a machine’s use in order to create only one piece for a class project seemed a bit excessive. Matthew Swabey, Bechtel’s director, needed a happy medium, so he enlisted Bechtel’s student employees, led by Anirudh Pal, to devise a solution.