Interest in ProSTAR programs is high

As much as we thought this winter would never end, it now appears a break in the weather and warmer temperatures will prevail. Just like the weather, in ProSTAR we have an annual cycle of events and activities. January through April is our heaviest marketing period. During this time we solidify our potential program offerings for the upcoming fall semester and begin to get the word out.

A new program I want to bring attention to is Biotechnology Innovation. The program is very exciting and has significant interest from the pharmaceutical industry, both private and public. You can read more about this program soon on our web site.

It is not too early to begin thinking about earning a MS degree beginning this fall 2014. The interest seems to be high, as we have already been in discussions with a great many potential new students. Getting a master’s degree is something we do for ourselves. It further differentiates us when seeking employment opportunities both inside and outside of our current places of employment. Education is something that provides opportunities that might not normally otherwise be available to us. As our ProSTAR banner says, it enriches your life and enriches your career. This many of you have reported back to us numerous times after graduating.

As you begin to enjoy the fresh sights and sounds of spring’s new life, take a moment, if you would, to reflect on where you want to be in the years ahead. Ask your friends and family to do the same. Opportunities can be plentiful, with the proper planning and education.

Call us sometime. We’d love to hear from you!

Mitch Springer, executive director

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