King thankful for STEM Academic Boot Camp experience

Mel’Dre King of Indianapolis, Ind., is a first-year student in the industrial technology program. He attended the five-week STEM Academic Boot Camp (ABC) during the summer of 2012. He was joined by 25 other Technology students as well as students from the colleges of Engineering, Science and Agriculture. The experience is designed to provide a realistic college experience to prepare students for the expectations and rigor they’ll face. King is a member of the Minority Technology Association and hopes to serve as a College of Technology Ambassador.

How has STEM ABC applied to your first year in the College of Technology?
The math and English courses that I took during ABC were very similar to the courses that I’m taking now. Also, we were required to go to study tables every night for 3-4 hours. Although I don’t consistently study that many hours straight, I definitely do spend that amount of time doing classwork most days.

In addition to academic assistance, how did ABC assist with your transition to Purdue and the College of Technology?
I met so many good friends who I still talk to. Knowing people on campus helped me feel more at home because most students only know a few people when they start college.

What was the biggest surprise about your experiences at ABC?
My biggest surprise was that it was very realistic to what college really was; it taught me time management and trained me to be away from my family for an extended period of time. First-year students should consider attending the STEM Academic Boot Camp because it really helps you recognize the difference between high school and college.

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