Making music made easier with student innovation: automated guitar tuner

Andy Schnobrich and his automatic guitar tuner

Like so many inventors, Andrew Schnobrich simply wanted to solve a problem that was vexing him. As a guitar player, Schnobrich often struggles with tuning his guitar and then keeping it in tune. He is not alone.

When he enrolled in a new entrepreneurial course at Purdue Polytechnic New Albany in Spring 2015, “I thought it would be a natural progression to automate the tuning process,” he said. So he created an automated guitar tuner that takes the guesswork out of tuning, works for all guitar brands, and would easily be used by all levels of players.

“This product will allow anyone to keep their guitar in tune quickly, accurately, and easily,” Schnobrich said. “It could be offered to anyone who plays the guitar: experienced musicians, inexperienced players, music teachers, or people with disabilities that make conventional tuners difficult to use.”

To assist with prototyping and testing, Schnobrich received funding from Purdue University, via VentureWell, who sponsors the New Albany entrepreneurial program. Schnobrich and the tuner are featured on the Statewide Innovation website.

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