Meet Edgar Plata, computer graphics technology major

Edgar G. Plata, Indianapolis, Indiana


Making a difference

It is important to be able to get information out to people. When people are looking for information, the user experience is most important. I want to make it easier for people to access information and to push information out to people. I really like to find creative and innovative ways to present information. I like creating different applications or web pages to get them to do something. If I can get their attention and make them feel like they have to do it, I feel like I’ve made an impact.

My major

In computer graphics technology, we create. We spend a lot more time doing projects than anything else. It’s more important what you do with what you learn. We apply what we’re learning to make and create different things.
Recently I created this Facebook application to expand their events pages; their current pages are really simple. My application broadened it and allows you to edit more and create a community around an event. I like the fact that the classes aren’t stagnant. Technology moves at fast pace. So we get to know the fundamentals, and we are getting updated on newer developments, liked HTML 5, CSS3,, PHP and APIs (application programming interface) for Facebook and Twitter. We work a lot in groups for projects. Because people are different, you learn a lot about how to get things done, even if things aren’t going your way.

Choosing CGT

I’ve always been into design and art. I’ve been doing art and design competitions since I was 13. Then I got into coding. So, when I was looking at colleges, I found CGT to be a good merging of coding, programming, art and design. Our projects involve programming and design. In terms of classes, I’ve taken two web programming classes and one in interactive and dynamic media.


I’ve met a lot of really accomplished men and women while networking on campus and at events. For example, Purdue Entrepreneurship and Innovation club hosted a Coding Camp. The event gave students 24 hours to create an application and compete for top prizes. I ended up winning the Social Innovation award for my application and got to present and speak with judges from the many sponsor companies, including Facebook and Google. At Purdue, there are a lot of different events and clubs where you can showcase your work and network with other people.

Gaining experience

I interned at Purdue’s Center for Science of Information, helping with web production, after my sophomore year. I was hired on as a student employee after that. I’m also getting a certificate in entrepreneurship and innovation. Having that background will help if I ever have an idea that I want to go full out and pursue. I’ve learned in those classes that being different is what matters. If you decide to pursue an idea, you have to separate yourself from others.

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