NAHB competition team improves 18 places in one year

Many students and faculty do not know much about the BCM competition teams that have thrived for so long at the University. Recently, the Residential Construction Team has made it a goal to move back up the ranks at the annual NAHB competiion.

Last year, the Purdue NAHB students gathered to build a team, and once again enter the program. The results were productive, meaningful, and insightful for all of the students that worked together at that time. However, with the leadership and passion from a few of the one-year veterans, the progress made was visible for all to see. With the experience and hard effort demonstrated by these individuals, the team packed quite a punch.

On January 23 in Las Vegas, Nevada, the Purdue team placed 7th out of 31 teams in the nation. The team introduced a mixed-use, master planned living community that was entirely developed, estimated, and coordinated by the 10-member team. Judges were impressed, the creativity set the team apart from others, and in the end, Purdue came back with even more experience and insight for improvement in the next few years.

The team will see younger talent rise during the 2013-2014 school year, and with the knowledge that has been combined so far there is a lot of hype for a top 5 finish next year in Vegas. Jumping from 25th place to 7th in one year is a large step, but not as large as the steps being taken to rise and achieve that traveling trophy.

This story was submitted by Sam Rymer, who was selected as an International Builders Show Outstanding Student during the competition.