New faculty in 2018 bring diverse research interests to Purdue Polytechnic

Purdue Polytechnic welcomed new faculty members in 2018 who have a variety of research interests.

  • Lisa Bosman, assistant professor of technology leadership and innovation: Engineering and technology education (including competency-based and transdisciplinary) and technology performance modeling (including solar energy and digital manufacturing)
  • Andrew Buchanan, assistant professor of computer graphics technology: Philosophy of time in animation; studio pedagogy; 3D animation aesthetics; metamorphosis in philosophy of mind and animation
  • Yunfeng (Cindy) Chen, assistant professor of construction management: Smart safety systems with integrated mobile technologies and wireless communication; Building Information Modeling (BIM); human factor analysis of civil infrastructure and construction technologies; sustainable design and green buildings; simulation and evaluation of civil infrastructure resilience, deterioration, and management; STEM education, construction training and student engagement
  • Rashmi Deodeshmukh, assistant professor, Purdue Polytechnic Anderson: Sensors, industrial controls, robotics, electro-optics
  • Jorge Dorribo Camba, associate professor of computer graphics technology: Computer-aided design, visualization, human computer interaction
  • Yi Gao, associate professor of aviation technology: Sustainability & aviation safety; financial sustainability
  • Joseph Hupy, associate professor of aviation technology: Unmanned aerial systems (UAS) applications using geographic information systems (GIS) and geographic sciences
  • Dominic Kao, assistant professor of computer and information technology: Avatars in educational settings; human computer interaction (HCI); virtual identities in STEM learning and broadening participation; intrinsic motivation; self-efficacy; educational games for career exploration; how virtual reality (VR) experiences affect users
  • Umit Karabiyik, assistant professor of computer and information technology: Digital forensics and cybersecurity (computer and disk forensics; mobile forensics; social network forensics, SCADA/ICS forensics); computer and network security (modern cryptography; encrypted file analysis; email accountability); artificial intelligence (machine learning; deep learning; expert systems; knowledge representation)
  • Sunghwan Lee, engineering technology: Scalable & flexible CVD polymers; fundamental materials physics of high-performance oxides; advanced materials-based energy conversion; micro/nanoscale manufacturing; transparent flexible electronics, device physics and polymer science; energy conversion devices; thin film transistors; paper-based electronics
  • Damon Lercel, assistant professor of aviation technology: Aviation safety; unmanned aerial systems; workforce development
  • Tom Lucas, assistant professor, Purdue Polytechnic New Albany: Pathways to success in higher education
  • Flavio Mendonca, assistant professor of aviation technology: Safety management of wildlife hazards, human factors in aviation
  • Christos Mousas, assistant professor of computer graphics technology: Animation; virtual reality; 3D printing; HCI; ML to synthesize motion of virtual characters, aspects of cognition and experimental psychology; optimization of 3D print novel experiences and interfaces; physical disability accommodations
  • Robert Nawrocki, assistant professor of engineering technology: Organic electronics, neuromorphics
  • Mo Rastgaar, associate professor of engineering technology: Human-robot interaction; assistive robots; human gait; lower extremity robotic prostheses; biomechanics; robotics, dynamics and controls applied to co-robots; counter-UAV systems
  • Abdul Salam, assistant professor of computer and information technology: Internet of Things (IoT); wireless communications and networking; wireless sensor networks in extreme environments; antennas and electromagnetic wave propagation in stratified media; agriculture applications; signals in the soil; high data rate and long-range wireless underground communication; urban underground IoT for wastewater monitoring; real-time in-situ monitoring and irrigation automation; digital transportation barriers
  • Joseph Sobieralski, assistant professor of aviation technology: Air traffic privatization, labor issues in aviation, public policy and aviation
  • Anthony Sparkling, assistant professor of construction management technology: Teams; social and professional networks; collaborative contracting practices
  • Wenhai Sun, assistant professor of computer and information technology: Information security and privacy for cloud computing, IoT, big data, computer/mobile systems, wireless networks and applied cryptography

Mark Bridgeman joined Purdue Polytechnic Columbus as a visiting professor and Rashmi Deodeshmukh joined Purdue Polytechnic Anderson as an assistant professor of practice. Also, Jason Cutter, Robert Deadman and Tracy Yother came to our main location in West Lafayette as visiting professors.