PDES Launches New Structure and Strategies to Connect to the Digital Enterprise

Purdue PLM part of digital manufacturing institute announced Feb 25, 2014 by President Obama


PDES, Inc. Launches New Structure and Strategies to Connect to the Digital Enterprise PDES Inc. has been a leader in accelerating the development, implementation, and use of STEP and related product data standards to enhance information interoperability and effectiveness of the Digital Enterprise, recently began operations as an independent company, incorporated in the state of Delaware.

The move to independent operations allows PDES, Inc. to make its cost structure more lean and align the organization to an expanded industry roadmap, providing greater value to its membership. The separation from the former administrative management of SCRA went into effect
July 31, 2014.

In addition to the development and advocacy of standards, PDES, Inc. is broadening the successful interoperability test bed for CAD/CAE tools (CAX-IF) to support the Digital Enterprise. Not only does this provide greater value to its members and potential members, but aligns with the Digital Manufacturing and Design Innovation Institute (DMDII) in Chicago; one of the US National Network for Manufacturing Innovation Institutes.

Jack Harris, former Director of Advanced Manufacturing Technology at Rockwell Collins, is the CEO/General Manager of PDES, Inc. He has served as Board Chairman and Chairman of the Technical Advisory Committee and has been a part of PDES, Inc. for more than 20 years. He
has also served as the General Manager to PDES, Inc. from 2004 to 2011 as an executive-on-loan from Rockwell Collins. After his retirement from Rockwell Collins in 2011, he continues as General Manager of PDES, Inc. through a contractual relationship.

Phil Rosche, representing his newly formed consultancy group ACCR, will manage the newly defined Digital Enterprise Implementer Forum (DE-IF).

Darla Nettles-Edwards, with Liberty Business Associates, will assume an expanded role ensuring effective execution of the PDES, Inc. technical plan, and alignment with industry/member-driven roadmap and priorities.

The law firm of ST.GEORGE & CARNEGIE will continue as General Legal Counsel to PDES, Inc. with Ardelle St.George remaining as the Corporate Secretary of the Board. In addition to the General Legal Counsel position, Ardelle St.George and Don Carnegie will be responsible for Contracts and invoicing of PDES, Inc. memberships.

Purdue University has been contracted to support the hosting and updating of the PDES, Inc. websites. This includes private and public websites for PDES, CAX-IF and DE-IF.

As a result of the new structure, PDES Inc. has solidified its foundation to support current and emerging industry needs for connecting the digital enterprise.

For more information about PDES, Inc., please see our website at www.pdesinc.org.
For memberships, contact Ardelle St.George at ardelle.stgeorge@stgeorgecarnegie.com.