Polytechnic research awards - October 2019

Funded research awards for October 2019. Bolded names are Purdue Polytechnic faculty or staff; starred names are the principal investigators.

  • Collaborative Research: I/UCRC for Robots and Sensors for the Human Well-Being
    Investigator(s): Richard Voyles**; Sponsor: National Science Foundation; Polytechnic: $65,000.00
  • Standardization of Two Dimensional Gas Chromatography for Navy Tactical Fuels Analyses
    Investigator(s): Gozdem Kilaz **; Sponsor: Naval Research Laboratory; Polytechnic: $162,012.00
  • Simulation Analysis of End-Around Taxiway Operation
    Investigator(s): Mary Johnson**, Yilin Feng; Sponsor: Old Dominion University Research Foundation; Polytechnic: $12,000.00
  • PEGASAS: Augmented Weather Information Project - Project 33
    Investigator(s): Barrett Caldwell**, Mary Johnson, Brandon Pitts; Sponsor: Federal Aviation Administration; Polytechnic: $10,327.35; Total: $68,849
  • Cybersecurity and Safety Challenges in Autonomous Vehicles: Threats Identification and Countermeasures Development
    Investigator(s): Byung-Cheol Min**; Sponsor: National Institute of Justice; Polytechnic: $47,131.00
  • Strengthening Investigative Tools for Technology for Combating Child Sexual Exploitation
    Investigator(s): Kathryn Seigfried-Spellar**; Steve Elliott, Julia Rayz, Kevin O’Connor; Sponsor: U.S. Dept. of Justice; Polytechnic: $195,874.00
  • Residential Construction Safety Utilizing Virtual Reality (VR)
    Investigator(s): James Jenkins**; Mark Zimpfer, Wan Ju Huang, George Takahashi; Sponsor: Occupational Safety & Health Administration; Polytechnic: $37,500.00; Total:  $75,000
  • Multi-Sponsor – Voluntary Support
    Investigator(s):  Jose Garcia Bravo**; Sponsor:  NFPA Education and Technology Foundation; Polytechnic:  $10,000
  • Multi-Sponsor – Voluntary Support
    Investigator(s):  Mark Zimpfer**; Sponsor:  NFPA Builders Bridge; Polytechnic:  $20,000
  • RoSe-HUB Membership
    Investigator(s):  Richard Voyles**; Sponsor:  Industry Partner; Polytechnic:  $15,000
  • Advanced Casting Rework
    Investigator(s): Xiaoming Wang**; Sponsor: Industry Partner; Polytechnic: 200,000.00
  • Additive Manufacture of High Strength Aluminum Metal Matrix Composites
    Investigator(s): Xiaoming Wang**; Sponsor: Trask Trust Fund; Polytechnic: 12,000.00
  • Harnessing Knowledge and Experience of Specialty Contracting Supervisors
    Investigator(s): Anthony Sparkling**; Sponsor: Industry Partner; Polytechnic: 9,000.00

**Indicates principal investigator

Total Polytechnic awards = $795,844.35