Polytechnic research awards - September 2017

Funded research awards for September 2017. Bolded names are Purdue Polytechnic faculty or staff; starred names are the principal investigators.

  • Creating Impact from Governmental Open Data (OD): Innovation Process Transparency in OD Contest Design
    Investigator(s): Sabine Brunswicker**; National Science Foundation; Polytechnic: $47,728
  • Project #29: Technology Assessment to Improve Operations Counts at Non-Towered Airports, Amendment 61
    Investigator(s): Darcy Bullock**, John Mott; Federal Aviation Administration; Total $215,154; Polytechnic: $64,546.20
  • University Lab to Market Workshops
    Investigator(s): Duane Dunlap**, John Hutcheson, Edward Morrison; National Institute of Standards & Technology; Polytechnic: $75,000
  • PEGASAS Project 0: Management and Administration, Amendment 60
    Investigator(s): William Crossley**, Mary Johnson, Karen Marais; Federal Aviation Administration; Total $175,000; Polytechnic: $17,500
  • Project #4: Weather Technology in the Cockpit Program
    Investigator(s): Barrett Caldwell**, Mary Johnson, Brandon Pitts; Federal Aviation Administration; Total $352,433; Polytechnic: $123,351.55
  • TI-04 Conventional Prompt Strike (CPS) - Mod #3
    Investigator(s): Daniel DeLaurentis**, Nathan Hartman; Science Applications International; Total $59,000; Polytechnic: $44,250
  • Maximum Allowable Deflection by Light Weight Deflectometer and Its Calibration and Verification
    Investigator(s): Yi Jiang**; Indiana Department of Transportation; Polytechnic: $5,000
  • Improve the Performance of Data Mining Modeling Engines
    Investigator(s): Emad Elwakil**; EyeDeal Technology; Polytechnic: $8,000
  • IAHE Expenses
    Investigator(s): John Sheffield**; International Association for Hydrogen Energy; Polytechnic: $2,500
  • Center for Materials Processing Research (CMPR)
    Investigator(s): Qingyou Han**; Beijing Jinwu Science & Technology Co. Ltd.; Polytechnic: $10,000
  • Voluntary Support - Delta
    Investigator(s): John Mott**; Delta Air Lines, Inc.; Polytechnic: $133,500

**Indicates principal investigator