ProSTAR adds degree focused on biometrics

Home to the internationally recognized Biometric Standards, Performance and Assurance Lab (BSPA), Purdue University is expanding its role in the field with a master’s degree focused on biometrics. The courses for the all-online degree will be available beginning this fall as part of the offerings of the Center for Professsional Studies in Technology and Applied Research (ProSTAR).

“We cater to the working professional, and this biometrics offering is no different,” said Larry Fischer, program manager for ProSTAR. “Students can earn their Purdue master’s degree while they are working and taking care of family obligations.”

Because the biometrics option is offered 100 percent online, the degree requirements can be completed at the student’s pace and in as little as 24 months.

“This new degree track offers relevant courses and research opportunities to succeed and advance in the identity management and biometrics field,” Fischer said.

Course topics throughout the degree could include: biometric techniques and applications, biometrics in the business environment, statistics, human factors and project management.

Graduates of the campus master’s program have gone on to careers at Booz Allen Hamilton, Sotera, Noblis and SPAWAR, according to Kevin O’Connor, BSPA managing director.

“Our graduate students have been successful because they are educated based upon material developed by professors with more than 12 years of experience in biometrics,” O’Connor said. “This material helps mold the students and gives them real world experience within the degree.”

The BSPA research work will be woven into the curriculum to provide more real-time research experience. The projects could include collaborations with Purdue’s on-campus students and other biometric researchers around the world.

For more information on the program, visit ProSTAR web page about the biometrics degree, email or call  (877) 801-6266 (toll-free).