ProSTAR director letter for September 2013

Welcome to another great start to a new semester! What an exciting time here on campus and for professional programs in general. Under the administration of ProSTAR, graduate enrollments in professional programs and the number of graduate students are at all-time highs. Our first on-campus weekend for our distance-hybrid returning and new cohorts is now behind us. As is always the case, it was filled with great anticipation for the new students and, at the same time, a realization by existing students they are half way through their master’s program. Time really does go by so very fast.

Fall, in general, is a great time to be enrolled in higher education. Something about the season that makes us want to be in school. Perhaps it’s the fact that since kindergarten we began new school years in the fall; or, perhaps it’s fall being filled with the spirit of football, cool days and evenings, and the many holidays and celebrations. Whatever the reason, it just seems to be a perfect emotional period of expectations, memories, anticipation and excitement. As a child we didn’t have much, but I do remember going shopping for pencils, paper and other school supplies. It was actually a great bonding experience between parent and child and provided many magnificent memories. What a great season fall can be!

As we begin this magnificent fall season and new academic year, we in ProSTAR are here to help you or answer any questions you may have. Enhancing your career, enhancing your life, is what we are here to help you do. In the end, it is all about you!
Thank you for being a part of our programs, and we hope you and your family have a wonderful and most memorable fall season.

Mitchell L. Springer, Ed.D., PMP, SPHR

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