Survey says incorporating artificial intelligence could benefit manufacturers

Ragu AthinarayananManufacturers in Indiana who aren’t yet using data and artificial intelligence to modernize their operations are missing a golden opportunity, according to a study by a Purdue engineering technology professor.

“They’re sitting on a very valuable asset that they have to convert into information,” said Ragu Athinarayanan, professor of engineering technology and principal investigator of the study. “They just don’t know where and how to start and what is necessary to start.”

Creating a platform to collect and use the data is one of the challenges in adopting this technology, Athinarayanan said.

Athinarayanan collaborated with Roberto Gallardo, director of the Purdue Center for Regional Development, for the study, “Artificial Intelligence, Manufacturing, and Workforce Development in Indiana.” The research was prompted by a 2019 national study that found 87% of U.S. manufacturers surveyed said they have adopted or planned to adopt artificial intelligence as part of their operations within two years.

See the full Purdue News story by Brian Huchel.

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