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German executive, industry pioneer seeks Purdue Polytechnic recruits for dual master’s degree abroad

Vera Hummel (center) visited a packed room in Knoy Hall at Purdue on August 23.

During Purdue University’s welcome week for fall 2023, Vera Hummel of Germany’s Reutlingen University, who is also the president of the International Association of Learning Factories (IALF), joined students and faculty leaders to discuss the official launch of a dual master’s degree program.

Technology Fulbright student from Syria thanks Purdue

George Jebran, a Fulbright student from Syria, wrote the following letter to Purdue President Mitch Daniels as he was preparing to graduate with a master's degree in aviation and aerospace management May 10.

The letter garnered him a meeting and photo opp with President Daniels as well as a presidential tweet (posted below Jebran's letter).


Dear President Daniels,

Sukumar focuses on athlete's spatial ability, not tuition bill

Karthik Sukumar splits his time between teaching, taking classes and completing his master’s thesis on spatial ability in athletes. It doesn’t leave much time for other activities or part-time jobs.

Which is why he is thankful for the funding he receives as a teaching assistant and the Sriver Graduate Scholarship in Computer Graphics Technology. “It is so important. I don't have to worry about the money aspect,” Sukumar said. “I can focus on what I came here to do.”

Grant for malware research will help to secure networks

Cory Nguyen, a graduate student in computer and information technology, has received a National Defense Science and Engineering Graduate (NDSEG) Fellowship. More than 3,000 people applied, but only 200 are chosen each year.

The NDSEG Fellowship is sponsored by the Department of Defense (DoD) and is intended to increase the number of U.S citizens and nationals specializing in science and engineering aimed at military applications.  Nguyen received his fellowship in the area of computer and computational sciences for his research in cyber and information security.