Two researchers honored for inventions

Two College of Technology professors were among 54 Purdue researchers honored Nov. 20 at the ninth annual Inventors Recognition Reception.

Stephen Elliott and Kyle Lutes were awarded patents during the 2012-13 academic year. Elliott is a professor of technology leadership and innovation, assistant dean for research for the College of Technology and director of the International Center for Biometric Research. Lutes is an associate professor of computer and information technology.

Elliott's patent was awarded to him and two former graduate students for a fingerprint acquisition system and method using force measurements. Their method, created as part of their research in the Biometrics Standards, Performance and Assurance Laboratory, helps ensure quality fingerprint images by measuring the force of the user’s hand on a sensor. By providing user feedback at the time of a fingerprint scan, the method can help the user create the optimal force for quality scan. The patent was awarded November 13, 2012. Shimon Modi and Erik Kukula are the other researchers for the invention.

Lutes was part of a five-person team who received a patent for a dietary assessment system and method. Their method provides custom software for mobile devices that assists users with identifying and comparing foods to help them calculate portion sizes and nutrient totals. He was a member of the team led by former Purdue researcher Carol Boushey and also included Edward Delp and David Ebert at Purdue and Deborah Kerr of Curtin University, Australia. The patent was awarded Jan. 29, 2013.

Between July 1, 2012, and June 30, 2013, Purdue Research Foundation officials reported 314 invention disclosures, 491 patent applications worldwide, 106 issued patents worldwide and the creation of eight startup companies from Purdue-licensed technologies.

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