Office of Marketing Communications


The office of marketing and communications supports the mission and goals of Purdue University’s Polytechnic Institute by building and enhancing the college's brand and reputation, driving demand, and keeping stakeholders well informed by providing proactive, creative, responsive, and results-proven marketing and communications services to all departments and work centers.


Purdue's premier marketing and communications team — brand builders, story tellers, passionate professionals — providing timely, reliable, and engaging information about Purdue Polytechnic.


The office of marketing and communications has established the following objectives in order to bring life to both its mission and vision as well as to best serve the college community and constituents:

  • Become the central resource for faculty and staff in order to share their personal and departmental accomplishments with both internal and external audiences
  • Continuously seek out opportunities to promote the college’s programs, services, faculty, staff in order to compete for academically strong students
  • Elevate the college’s reputation and profile among corporate, foundation, and individual donors
  • Identify, establish and maintain internal as well as external partnerships that enhance the college’s communication system and the exchange of information with its constituents
  • Establish a comprehensive marketing and communications program in order to continuously educate and cultivate alumni support as well as to foster a sense of both community and commitment to the college