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Welcome to Tech Insider, the official podcast of Purdue University’s Polytechnic Institute. Dive into engaging conversations with our esteemed faculty, staff, students, alumni, and friends as we delve into a myriad of topics—from faculty profiles and innovative research to student interviews and on-campus experiences. Produced by the Polytechnic’s Office of Marketing Communications, this podcast offers insights into our unique role within Purdue University and serves as a bridge connecting high school students to industry leaders, all under the vast umbrella of Polytechnic's diverse disciplines. Join us to discover what's shaping the future of the tech world!

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John Gates

Equity is not about treating everybody the same. John Gates, Purdue’s vice provost for diversity and inclusion, says it’s about providing people what they need to succeed, even if that means treating people differently—and what we do innately in our lives is what we should do in our classrooms and offices.

Mike Reckowsky

Mike Reckowsky, director of industry relations in Purdue Polytechnic, says companies that sponsor students’ senior capstone projects receive working prototypes that address real-world problems. See students’ unique problem-solving abilities on display during our Tech Expo, and learn why your company should partner with our college.

Daniel Castro

How did building cities in the dirt with toys and listening to soccer games on the radio lead a boy from Colombia to a distinguished career in industry and higher education that spanned three continents? It’s the story of Daniel Castro, the new dean of Purdue University's Polytechnic Institute.


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