People Profiles

Name Degree(s) Job Title Employer
Matthew Young Matthew Young BS ’05, Computer and Information Technology; MS ’07, Industrial Distribution
Derek Kultgen Derek Kultgen BS ’11, Mechanical Engineering Technology; MS ’13, Technology
Les Abend Les Abend BS ’79, Aviation Technology
Steven G. Habben Steven G. Habben BS ’84, Building Construction Technology
David Hetrick David Hetrick BS ’90, Building Construction Technology
Rodrick C. Glass Rodrick C. Glass BS ’92, Organizational Leadership and Supervision; MS ’94, Industrial Distribution
Jennifer Rider Jennifer Rider BS ’99, Computer Graphics Technology
Shanna Morrett Shanna Morrett BS, ’06, Computer Graphics Technology; MS, ’08, Computer Graphics Technology
Karen Waldenmeyer Karen Waldenmeyer BS, ’08, Computer Graphics Technology; MS, ’10, Technology
James Milburn Alumni Profile James Milburn Building Construction Management '06 Owner/Manager Milburn LLC