Five-Year Combined BS-MS Degree Program

The five-year combined BS-MS degree program in the School of Aviation and Transportation Technology (BS/MS program) enables outstanding students to complete their bachelor's and master's degrees in a total of five years, rather than the usual six or more years.

The program entails no alteration to the requirements for either degree, but does allow students to count up to twelve credits of AT graduate level courses toward both degrees, which reduces the total time for the MS degree. Additionally, with advanced placement credit, credit by examination at Purdue, full course loads, summer courses, or a combination of these during the BS program, students can comfortably complete both degrees in no more than five years from the beginning of their Aviation Technology BS studies.

If you are interested, please consult with your academic advisor as early as possible on how to arrange your BS program of study so as to reduce the number of particularly demanding AT and non-AT courses left to be completed during your senior year. That will make your senior year course load more reasonable since you will be also completing graduate courses at that time.


At the beginning of the sixth semester of an eight-semester BS program (2nd semester junior year), apply to the graduate program and begin graduate study the following semester.

Requirements to be considered for admission to the BS/MS program include a minimum 3.5 GPA for AT courses, a cumulative Purdue GPA of at least 3.2, and projected completion of at least 93 of the 120 credits required for graduation by the end of semester 6 in an AT BS plan of study.  

Graduate Record Examination (GRE) scores will not be required for this special program.


  1. Submit an Electronic Graduate School Application on the Purdue Graduate School website, applying for a Master of Science degree in Aviation and Aerospace Management. Leave unanswered the questions that ask about the GRE (not required for the combined degree program).
  2. Pay the application fee.
  3. Submit your resume and a Statement of Purpose electronically with your online application (max 500 words). The statement of purpose should describe your purpose for undertaking graduate study, reasons for wanting to study at Purdue, professional plans, career goals and research interests.
  4. Ask three AT faculty members if they are willing to provide letters of recommendation (submitted electronically). When you apply online, the website will contact them to complete an electronic recommendation.
  5. Ask your undergraduate academic advisor to provide verification that you meet the academic requirements for the program (GPA and BS graduate date) and submit to the Aviation Technology Graduate Studies Coordinator.
  6. Submit a certified copy of your college transcripts electronically with your application.

This is a resident program and it is expected that all credits will be completed in residence, not online.

Deadline for completion of applications:

For admission in Fall: March 1
For admission in Spring: October 1

Admission by the Graduate School will constitute acceptance into the School of Aviation and Transportation Technology's Combined Degree Program. You then will have dual status with primary degree objective as undergraduate and secondary degree objective as graduate during your senior year.

Upon acceptance, you will be assigned a graduate program advisor. With the help of your undergraduate academic advisor and your assigned graduate advisor, prepare a term-by-term plan of study for completion of both degrees within 5 years and submit the final Graduate plan of study. You will be expected to follow the plan, but you may request changes up to the start of the last semester of enrollment at Purdue. Changes related to the BS degree plan must be approved by your undergraduate academic advisor. Changes related to the MS degree plan must be approved by your graduate advisor.

Degree and Program Requirements

  • The requirements for each degree are the same as for students pursuing the degrees separately.
  • The BS degree must be awarded prior to the MS degree.
  • Students in the BS/MS program may use up to (but no more than) 12 credits of graduate level courses taken after entering the program toward both the MS and as free electives/selectives in the BS program.  


Students in the program must:

  • Take at least one 500-level course each semester after the junior year.
  • Follow BS and MS plans of study so as to complete both degrees within five years of beginning the AT BS program.
  • Maintain and graduate with at least a 3.0 graduate GPA in both programs.

The Graduate Committee may grant exceptions for compelling reasons.

Students who leave the program, whether for failure to meet the program requirements or by withdrawal, will cease to be graduate students but may continue as undergraduate students if they have not been awarded the BS. They may apply for regular admission to graduate study; but, as they are no longer in the combined degree (3+2) program, will not be permitted to use on a plan of study any graduate courses used to fulfill BS requirements.

Please contact the SATT Graduate Office,, with any questions you may have regarding the BS/MS combined degree program.