Degree in 3

An amazing career in engineering technology can be yours when you graduate from Purdue Polytechnic Institute. Why wait?

For highly motivated and hard-working students, select engineering technology majors can provide a recommended plan of study to help you earn your degree in three years. If you are willing to carry a full course load and dedicate your summers to classes and internships, this accelerated option may be just for you!

Earn one of these degrees in just three years!

The School of Engineering Technology currently offers a Degree in 3 recommended plan of study for the following majors:

  • Electrical Engineering Technology: Put your knowledge of electricity and electronics into motion to improve everyday items and invent life-changing products.
  • Mechanical Engineering Technology: Manage people and production while applying principles of materials, solid and fluid mechanics, and energy to create or improve products and processes.
  • Industrial Engineering Technology: Manage information, supplies and equipment to coordinate operations while directing people to make products or provide services.

How to complete your Degree in 3

Contact your academic advisor today for the recommended three-year plan of study available for electrical engineering technology, mechanical engineering technology or industrial engineering technology.