Capstone Education, For The Learning

Each year, the School of Engineering Technology (SoET) launches a two semester Multidisciplinary Capstone Program, which is designed to help our students transition into their professional careers. Since 2016, over 1200 engineering technology students have completed 223 projects in the Multidisciplinary Capstone Program. Capstone sponsors like Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory were happy with the results of their capstone project and hired students from the capstone team.

Goals of Capstone Education

The primary goals of the Capstone Program are to:

  • Require teams of seniors to apply the skills they have learned to solve real industry challenges for their clients.
  • Give companies the opportunity to assess students as potential employees and create relationships with the SoET that can function as a pipeline for recruiting.
  • Enable our students to work on new product development through the Capstone Plus program, which was setup to give companies an opportunity to assess Purdue owned IP.

Become a Sponsor of Capstone Education

Your support impacts the future of our students in countless ways. Therefore, we are asking you to support our Capstone Program by either funding a capstone project or making a gift. There are numerous ways to get involved with Capstone Education in the SoET as a sponsor:

  • Community Foundations, Capstone Project Sponsorship ($6,000)
  • Industries and Companies, Capstone Project Sponsorship ($8,000)
  • Capstone Plus uses Purdue owned IP, Capstone Project Sponsorship ($10,000)

Past Capstone Projects

See our video library of past capstone projects students in the SoET have done:

Our Focus

The Capstone Program in the SoET is focused on teaching, learning, and preparing the best-ever engineering technology graduates that companies want to hire. The SoET Capstone Program is not a substitute for professional engineering services and there is no guarantee of a successful project outcome. However, we do guarantee effort.

Contact Information

If the idea of sponsoring a capstone team with a project in the SoET interests you, contact Michael (Mike) J. Reckowsky, (765) 496-0527 or Frederick (Fred) C. Berry, (765) 494-8294.