Women in the Polytechnic

Of the 4900+ students at Purdue polytechnic, approximately 20 percent are female. That means there are nearly 1000 young women in the Polytechnic who, like you, are interested in innovation and fascinated by how things work.

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Student Organizations

Woment in Construction Management
Women in Aviation

Diversity and Cultural Centers


Everyone is invited! Expand your horizons, learn about traditions and make new friends by visiting a campus cultural center.


Club Sports

Club Sports

At Purdue, you don’t need to be a full-time athlete to participate in sports. The Club Sports program offers dozens of sports teams, including co-ed and single-gender, to get your heart beating! Here are just a few:

Sorority and Cooperative Housing

Multicultural and Diversity-Based Sororities

Sorority and Cooperative Housing

Historically Black Sororities

National Pan-Hellenic Council

  Meet Our Alumni

Angie Walqui
"My education through the Polytechnic opened doors for external learning opportunities every summer. These experiences developed my understanding of industry and helped me home in on what I wanted to do post-graduation. Additionally, my involvement with the Polytechnic's Minority Technology Association was a major factor for me in providing an environment for growth and leadership."
Angie Walqui
Allison Babilonia
"In four years as a Purdue Polytechnic student, I gained so many opportunities that prepared me to enter the competitive IT industry with confidence. The best part of the CIT Network Engineering program was the focus on real-world applications through hands-on learning in all of my classes."
Allison Babilonia
Network Engineering Technology
Karen Waldenmeyer
"My Purdue coursework included projects that spanned multiple weeks with a variety of deliverables, and completing the work successfully required teamwork. This is exactly how the real world works."
Karen Waldenmeyer
Computer Graphics Technology
Keri Wright Alumni Profile
"My Purdue Technology degree has always been the primary tool in my personal tool box to attack business challenges and decisions daily."
Keri Wright
Aviation and Aerospace Management
Tammy Fisher Alumni Profile
"I learned how to learn and keep up with technology changes and how to solve problems based on the fundamentals. I still use these learned skills today as I navigate my professional career."
Tammy Fisher
Computer and Information Technology
Emily Hobart
"The Polytechnic helped to make me uniquely qualified for my new job through the lab-focused learning. Labs combined with project-focused classes really helped me to become comfortable tackling projects from the ground up and being confident that I can excel in the workplace."
Emily Hobart
Mechanical Engineering Technology