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What are CIT labs like?

See our facilities tour here:

What's the teaching typically like?

  • Theoretical along with Experiential Learning
  • Most of our courses have a strong laboratory component where students learn by doing. You will obtain hands-on experience with state-of-the-art tools that prepare you to be successful immediately upon graduation. Lecture typically meeting twice per week with a scheduled hands-on lab
  • Active Learning Classrooms: innovative, discussion-based

Do Professors teach CIT courses?

Professors lead the lecture classes which typically meet twice per week, with Teaching Assistants leading the labs which meet once per week.

How long does it typically take recent grads to find a full-time job in their career field?

Typically, most CIT students have job offers before graduation; even more report full-time employment in their field within six months of graduation. To view the Center for Career Opportunities First Destination Data, please visit:

What networking or career fairs are held each year?

CIT Career Fair – September
Polytechnic Career Fair – February
CIT Student Council Events
CIT Departmental Events

What internship opportunities are there for CIT majors­?

Students can learn of internship opportunities by participating in Career Fairs, utilizing the Purdue Center for Career Opportunities (CCO) and through CIT-Announcements once admitted and enrolled. Here are a few resources to help in a student’s search: 

CIT Career Fair – Linked Above

Center for Career Opportunities 

­What are some companies that hire CIT majors?

CIT students are hired from companies representing many different sectors. The following are some companies that  CIT students: Amazon, Apple, Cerner Co., Cisco Meraki, Crowe, LLP, DoD, Eli Lilly, Fidelity Investments, Ford Motor Company, Google, Intel, Interactive Intelligence, JP Morgan Chase, Lockheed Martin, Microsoft, Salesforce, Target, USAA.

­Do most students have internships every year? ­

Some companies will hire students after the freshman year; most students start the internship process after the sophomore year. Some students choose to pursue internships every summer and others do not. Some students continue internships with the same company while others explore different company types to help decide what type of company is the best fit for them. Some opportunities are abroad as well as in the United States

Where can I find work-study opportunities?

If work-study is approved in your Financial Aid package, go to  for additional information.

Is the CIT degree I receive from the West Lafayette Polytechnic Institute a Purdue University Degree?

Yes, the Purdue Polytechnic Institute is one of ten degree-awarding Colleges and Schools at Purdue University, West Lafayette.

­Will I be able to take a minor from another college?

Yes, CIT students may earn credit toward degree requirements by completing non-computing minors or certificates.
Minors and Certificate options and course requirements. 2024-2025 requirements will be availalbe June 1, 2024

­What minors do CIT majors typically take?

CIT students are allowed to complete non-computing minors for credit.  The most popular minors students pursue are: Management, Organization Leadership, Forensic Sciences, Political Science, Psychology and Sociology.  You are not restricted to these.  You may choose a minor that complements your goals.

Is it common for CIT majors to pursue dual degree outside the Polytechnic? 

Some CIT students choose to pursue a dual degree in a business major.  Students are typically required to meet CODO requirements in order to pursue a dual major: 2024-2025 requirements will be availalbe June 1, 2024. Students are required to meet all degree requirements for both majors.  This may add time to degree completion. The College of Liberal Arts offers degrees to students in other colleges in the Degree + program

­Are there any combined CIT 5-year BS/MS programs?

The programs are not combined.  Students with assistantships typically complete the MS in two years.  If taking classes full-time, student may be able to finish sooner.
CIT MS program

How do I activate my Career Account and access my Purdue email account to accept my offer?

Check out the Admitted Student page here: The second step down has a link on how to active the online career account and Purdue Email. If it is not successful for some reason, you will receive assistance by calling IT at Purdue at 765-494-4000­.

When will I be able to contact my academic advisor and when does All Aboard begin?

You will be assigned an Academic Advisor during All Aboard orientation.  

This summer, all incoming fall undergraduate students will be participating in virtual All Aboard which opens May 2, 2024. You can complete All Aboard at any pace, but you must complete it and meet with your academic advisor by June 10 for Summer Start and Early Start, and by June 17, 2024 for fall start. You must complete the University All Aboard modules before meeting with a CIT Advisor.  Once completed, you will receive a meeting invitation from your Advisor for a June meeting. Orientation timeline:

Is there also a Learning Community for CIT majors? 

The current list of Learning Communities can be found here Check out Data Mine, Women in Technology and Cybersecurity. Priority Deadline to Apply is April 15.

What is Summer Start and Early Start?

Summer Start: is a program where students are admitted during the summer, participate in a Learning Community and are required to complete coursework during the summer term to get a jump start on college.

Early Start:  gives students admitted for fall the option of starting Purdue coursework early.

How can I connect to potential roommates?

You can connect through the Class of 2028 Facebook page:

Where can I learn about student organizations?

Student Organizations including Clubs, Club Sports, Fraternity, Sorority and Cooperative Life, Purdue Student Government are listed here:

Are AP Credits accepted? What if they are in a foreign language? What if the record shows 1XXXX?

Yes, CIT accepts AP credits to meet degree requirements as outlined here Information subject to change for 2024-2025 Academic Year.
The respective department for each subject evaluates the exams and approves their direct, or not direct, match depending on the scores the students received. If the stated score is not received, the credit has been determined to transfer as 1XXXX for example.

CIT does not require foreign language; however, the credits may apply to degree requirements. Your advisor will work with these credits during All Aboard so be sure to request the College Board submit your scores directly to Purdue as soon as completed.  Purdue’s code is 1631.

Are Dual Credits Accepted?

You may earn Purdue credit from dual or concurrent high school coursework (courses you took in high school that also counted toward college credit – including Purdue's own dual credit program). See Transfer Credit Overview, Submitting Official Transcripts and Check How your Credit May Transfer here: Students bringing in computing credits will be advised to partcipate in test outs for relevant 10000 and 20000 level options. Your advisor will help you with these options.

Are there opportunities for on campus tours?

Yes, please explore options here:

Purdue Admissions options:

Purdue Polytechnic virtual options:

­When will I know my financial aid package?

Please refer to the dates released by the Division of Financial Aid

­Can the new MacBook with the M1 chip be used for CIT? ­

MacBooks are not advised for our students. Please see the CIT Computer Recommendations that addresses this question and more regarding computer recommendations.

­What is the biggest difference between doing a CS major versus a CIT major­?

CS is heavily focused in logic-based, higher-level math-based programming and development. CIT has courses for programming languages, but it’s also bringing in the integration of hardware and software to create solutions.

What are the advantages of the CIT program being Accredited?

The computer and information technology program is accredited by the Computing Accreditation Commission of ABET,  This ensures that graduates have met the educational requirements necessary to enter the profession. Provides opportunities for the industry to guide the educational process to reflect current and future needs and enhances the mobility of professionals.

Will I be eligible to participate in CyberCorps Scholarship for Service program at Purdue West Lafayette?

This program is not currently available at Purdue West Lafayette.