Internal Nomination

Nomination Process

  1. Nominations may be submitted at any point throughout the year, but the Dean's Office will send out a reminder/call for nominations in October.
  2. Faculty and staff identify alumni to submit for consideration. There is no limit to the number of nominations that may be submitted by a department/school. 
  3. Nominators are tasked with compiling necessary research that reflects qualifications listed above.

    1. Nominations MUST remain confidential until decision is made by the college selection committee. 
    2. If you need to contact the nominee directly, please use the following language:  “Throughout the year, we have many opportunities to nominate our alumni for awards.  I was wondering if I might be able to have a copy of your updated resume for our files?”
  4. Alumni award committee meets and reviews nominations and makes recommendation to dean on nominees to move forward (November)
  5. Dean makes final selection
  6. Notification letters sent to approved nominees (December)

Nomination Deadline

Nominations for the next year's Alumni Awards must be submitted no later than October 15.

Nomination Form

Section 1: Committee Members

Main Contact: Name/Phone/Email | Committee Members (List Names)

Section 2: Brief Overview of Candidate

Candidate Evaluation

Section 4:

Please list date, name of award, and who the recognition was presented by for any honors or awards.
List any activities by including year, name of organization, and their role.

Supporting Documents

For each nominee, the following supporting documents must be submitted via email to for the nomination to be complete: 

- (2) Letters of support

- Nominee's resume