Student Services

Because of COVID-19 and the local declaration of emergency, the Purdue Polytechnic Anderson building is closed to visitors and students. However, all classes and operations have transitioned to online instruction and teleadvising. If you need to reach a staff member:
• Ric Dwenger (Student Affairs Administrator) 765-273-3154
• Dave Riegle (Student Affairs Administrator) 765-273-3624
• Marvin Fairer (Lab Manager) 765-400-0164
• Kris Beck (Office Manager) 765-400-0540
• Corey Sharp (Director) 765-396-8538

Student Affairs Administrator
Student Affairs Administrator

The Office of Student Services for Purdue Polytechnic Anderson is located at 1920 Purdue Parkway in Anderson. The office is open Monday through Friday. 

Visit us to discuss any student matter, including:

  • Admissions
  • Class Registration
  • Fees
  • Financial Aid
  • Graduation Requirements
  • Transcripts

Engineering Technology Internship Verification Form

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