Reasons to be thankful in Purdue Polytechnic

We are entering the holiday season with Thanksgiving, so I would like to take this time to reflect on what I am thankful for serving as your dean in the Polytechnic Institute. I am thankful to have the opportunity to lead this great college at one of the finest universities in the solar system. I am thankful that we have record enrollment in both our undergraduate and graduate programs and that our graduates find well-paying, meaningful jobs. I am thankful for our excellent faculty that are the heart and soul of every successful academic college. I am thankful for our excellent and dedicated staff that support the academic mission of the college. I am thankful for the Lilly Endowment, the Indiana State Legislature, our alumni donors, and the upper administration of the University for funding the Gateway Complex that will serve as our “gateway” to future excellence and growth.

Finally, I am grateful to each and every one of you that works in the Polytechnic here in West Lafayette as well as our nine locations around Indiana. Great organizations become so because of the people that work there.

“Never underestimate the power of dreams and the influence of the human spirit. We are all the same in this notion: The potential for greatness lives within each of us.” —Wilma Rudolph

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Gary R. Bertoline is Dean of the Purdue Polytechnic Institute, a Distinguished Professor in the Department of Computer Graphics Technology, and a Professor of Computer & Information Technology. Prior to becoming dean, he served as Associate Dean for Graduate Studies in the College of Technology. From 1995 through 2002, Gary served as Department Head of Computer Graphics Technology at Purdue University.