College Update

Finding success in changing times

“Nothing endures but change.”
— Heraclitus

This quote from a 6th century BC Greek philosopher is timely and relevant to events we are all experiencing today. We had to quickly change to offer our courses online with little notice or time for preparation – and we succeeded. We had to implement social distancing and change the way we work, and we have done so well enough to keep Purdue University and the Polytechnic Institute viable and functioning in spite of the change thrust upon us.

Our Decade to Excel

Happy New Year, and welcome to the start of a new semester and a new decade. We have all heard of making resolutions at this time of the year and no doubt have made some of our own. Our resolution for this decade should be to continue being “pioneers of learn-by-doing and use-inspired research.”

Digital transformation shifting ways we work, think

I recently read “Digital Transformation,” written by Tom Siebel. The book suggests that we are undergoing a period of mass extinction and mass diversification in our economy and society, brought about by the confluence of four profoundly disruptive technologies: elastic cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT).

Digital transformation has its roots in two waves. The first wave was digitalization, with the arrival of the personal computer. The second wave was the internet.