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Digital transformation shifting ways we work, think

I recently read “Digital Transformation,” written by Tom Siebel. The book suggests that we are undergoing a period of mass extinction and mass diversification in our economy and society, brought about by the confluence of four profoundly disruptive technologies: elastic cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT).

Digital transformation has its roots in two waves. The first wave was digitalization, with the arrival of the personal computer. The second wave was the internet.

What will the next 150 years bring for Purdue Polytechnic?

This column originally appeared in Purdue Today.

The sesquicentennial celebration marks a time for Purdue to renew its commitment to growth, discovery and innovation. What giant leaps will the next 150 years bring as Purdue continues its drive to meet the world's future challenges?

What will the next 150 years bring for the Purdue Polytechnic Institute?

Six words both define and celebrate Purdue Polytechnic

It is official: the Purdue Polytechnic Institute has set an enrollment record at West Lafayette, including 912 new beginners and a total enrollment of 4,757 (including 163 Ph.D. students), all while outpacing the University’s record increases. As I have mentioned in recent blogs, we have a lot to be excited about: growing popularity, with enrollment to prove it; tremendous progress in achieving our transformation goals; a large influx of top-quality faculty; record research awards; and, potentially, a new building.