Capabilities & Facilities

The CTD relies on a collaborative structure to use the best expertise within Purdue University. Leadership is anchored in the Purdue Polytechnic Institute, and they reach out to other colleges across the university. Faculty in the departments of Engineering Technology, with PE certification and real world experience, collaborate with Mechanical Engineering and Electrical and Computer Engineering faculty in the College of Engineering.

This engagement will include graduate and undergraduate students from both colleges and other colleges as appropriate. This multidisciplinary collaboration will provide a unique intellectual power, prestige, credibility and capacity for engineering and technology solutions. The expertise within the center spans mechatronics, controls, manufacturing, material science, energy and mechanics.

Several labs (Multidisciplinary Design Lab, Manufacturing Automation Lab, Fluid Power Lab, Advanced Manufacturing Lab, and Applied Energy Lab) in MET will provide support. Other labs in the Purdue Polytechnic and College of Engineering will collaborate to support the Center’s work.