Partner Benefits

  • Access to CTD faculty, staff, students and programs.
  • Laboratories available to Center researchers and students.
  • Facilitating access to state-of-the-art research results and bridging between academia and other centers of research and CTD members.  These opportunities will enable the CTD members to create connections that have the potential to fast-forward product development and problem solving.
  • A seat on the CTD Industry Steering Committee (ISC) based on membership level.
  • Annual event for Industry Members/CTD Research Symposium to provide them with a high degree of visibility on campus and meaningful interaction with faculty and students. Included will be the opportunity to meet with top students who are candidates for employment or internship.
  • Opportunity for ISC specified experts to function as industrial mentors on CTD projects.
  • Graphic and text acknowledgement of Industry member’s support on the CTD website.
  • Each CTD Industry member can have one capstone project per year.