Ultrasonic Shot Peening

Primary Investigator:

  • Dr. Q Han

Technical Tasks:

  • Experimental Setup
  • Test of Ultrasonic Shot Peening
  • Sample Characterization
  • Nitriding or Carburizing Test


An experimental setup for this research at the end of Month 4, a report describing the formation of nanostructures near the surface of workpiece at the end of Month 8 and a final report documenting the experimental details and results at the end of the project. This deliverable also serves as a Go/No-Go decision point for the Phase II project.


Use of high-frequency, high-intensity ultrasound energy to bombard surfaces using hard particles to develop nanostructures on material surfaces which will generate repetitive severe plastic deformation on the surface layer of the component. The goal of this project is to evaluate the feasibility of developing technologies that can be used for creating nanostructures at the surfaces of metal components. The idea is to use high intensity ultrasonic vibration to drive hard particles that repeatedly bombard metal components.