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The body of the page should explain briefly what the purpose of the center is and what it does day-to-day. Does it offer classes and certificates? How about research on a specific topic? What is the problem that is being solved by this center, and what are the expected results? It shouldn't get very technical. Everyone viewing the page should understand even if they don't have a technical background.



BS in Cybersecurity

Gain expertise in designing, building, managing and investigating IT systems and infrastructures while analyzing security risks and vulnerabilities.

M.S. in CIT with a Specialization in Cyberforensics

Named one of the top five programs of its type, this program is multidisciplinary and requires courses in Computer Sciences as well as other fields.

Ph.D. in Technology with a Specialization in Cyber Forensics

Our ranked Ph.D. program specializes in all aspects of cyber forensics, cyber Infrastructure, cyber learning, and cybersecurity.



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High Tech Crime Unit Purdue University

High Tech Crime Unit

The Tippecanoe County High Tech Crime Unit (HTCU) is a collaboration of local law enforcement agencies and Purdue University to provide investigative resources when examining with various forms of digital evidence. Purdue's partnership provides students great opportunities for real world experience, research topics, software development, and digital forensics training.

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Doctorate Degree